Frank Gwosdz

Frank is an Entrepreneur and Nerd.
He combines both not only by heart but also on experience and education side. He holds an international MBA degree (General Management and Strategy), a German degree in computer science (Dipl-Inf. (FH)). Additionaly he finished a modular study in data science and business intelligence and enhanced his blockchain knowledge by the udacity course “Blockchain developer”.
Frank is a strong believer in vision, education, and sustainability. He can draw on a network of big-player contacts which spans the globe, either in the start-up industry, to software-development and gaming experts, multiple industries or investors and/or business angels.





Everything is about passion and love. If you don´t love what you are doing and you have no passion for the products you create or the service you provide, you never ever neither become succesful nor you can reach the quality for you and your customers, which is needed to compete on today´s tough and emerging markets.